ICRC Review – Protecting cultural property in Syria: New opportunities for States to enhance compliance with international law? (2017)

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Articolo pubblicato nel n. 906 (vol 99) del 2017 della Rivista Internazionale della Croce Rossa 
“Conflict in Syria”

Polina Levina Mahnad
Member of the International Committee of the Blue Shield’s roster of experts on cultural property protection in armed conflict.

The war in Syria has lasted for six years and has led to massive destruction and
loss of life. Stymieing international peace efforts from the outset, there is
increasing doubt that the conflict will reach a resolution or political settlement
in the near future. This frustration has triggered an appetite among States, civil
society and the international community for finite and concrete measures that
can contribute to greater protection and compliance with international law. A
recent constellation of events around the protection of cultural property appears to
herald a shift in the response of the international community toward prescribing
practical and actionable measures for third-party States. Drawing on the
responsibility of third States “to respect and ensure respect for” international
humanitarian law, this article examines the legal framework protecting cultural
property and recent innovative protection responses that contribute to ensuring
compliance with international law in Syria, short of military assistance and